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Both beautiful and disturbing; these almost hyper-real, painted clay and resin figurative sculptures are by mixed-media artist Choi Xooang, who resides in Seoul, South Korea.

Themes of his work encompass the usual round up of human rights, freedom of speech, sex and politics. While these are somewhat familiar subjects to us all, Choi aims to explore the mechanisms and emotions that direct these themes.

There is also an underlying focus on a modern society’s apparent and growing inability to act, speek or even see (implied as though through apathy), which is expressed in the muted, distorted and immobised forms of the figures.

In all cases, the sentiment of the piece is beautifully conveyed by the bodylanguage of the figures, while the ornamentation or distortion are used to describe the individual metaphor.

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    Sculptures by mixed-media by Seoul-based artist Choi Xooang.
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